Job History

  1. to - UI Consultant
    • Various web apps for B2B applications, using React, Redux, some RXJS, Node.js, etc. Wrote tests using Jest and React Testing Library.
    • Worked directly with internal stakeholders to determine desired features, figured out the path forward and prioritized these new features, then implemented them
    • Worked closely with QA to increase app testability
  2. to - Web Developer (Contract work)
    • I have worked on a few React.js projects, one with Redux. Experience working with PostCSS and build tools such as Webpack.
    • Past work included converting website mockups (images) to cross-browser compatible HTML/CSS, as well as a bit of Javascript work with jQuery. Projects included work for the redesign of MOG (jQuery) and MySpace (jQuery mixed with MySpace's JavaScript framework).
  3. to - Software Engineer
    • (Skybox was acquired by Google in August 2014)
    • Helped lay down the groundwork for new satellite dashboards within the Google codebase, with Google standards. Using Polymer, Google Closure, Ramda.js, Moment.js, Paperclip.js, and D3.
  4. to - Frontend Web Developer

    August 2013 - September 2014: fulltime onsite

    • Built the full stack for Process UI, allowing users to view and interact with satellite imagery at various stages in their processing. Used NodeJS and Redis for the backend, and various microlibraries for the frontend.
    • Helped build the frontend for a satellite imaging scheduler, which gives external customers insight on the images and videos scheduled to be taken on future satellite passes around the Earth. I helped transition the code to Backbone.js.
    • Technologies used: Backbone.js and Underscore.js, Leaflet.js, RequireJS, jQuery (with plenty of native JS), SASS, Mustache templates.

    May 2012 - August 2013: contract, remote

    • Built dashboards for monitoring live satellite telemetry. Also worked on laying down a shared "bootstrapping" frontend framework for several map-centric applications, as well as a rewrite of an application used to find satellite imagery based on a set of criteria.
  5. to - Mobile Frontend Web Developer (Contract work)
    • Built most of the frontend for the new CNET mobile, using Node.js as a backend. The new site was a dramatic improvement in terms of looks and especially speed, and a challenge to implement across many different devices.
  6. to - Community News writer (Contract work)
    • Maintained a weekly and monthly news column, following the developments of the JavaScript language and community.
  7. to

    Frontend Engineer on the Yahoo! Tiger Team ( to )

    • Developed and presented a portion of a two-day internal HTML5/CSS3 training.
    • Developed an internal Mobile Web training.
    • On the planning committee for the Frontend Summit 2011 (Yahoo! internal).
    • Investigated the technologies needed and scoped time estimates for an in-progress project (ask for details).

    Frontend Engineer at Yahoo! Mobile ( to )

    • Worked on maintaining the Blueprint platform, which gave me the experience of debugging on a very wide variety of mobile browsers. Implemented several major features such as sports brackets, made some features more accessible to screenreaders, and created Blueprint examples for a revised developer SDK.
    • Initiated and organized the Mobile Developer Summit 2010, Yahoo! Mobile's first internal company-wide conference.
    • Hackday Winter 2009: Designed a Wordpress theme that outputs Blueprint code.
    • Talks given:
      • CSS3 (part of an internal HTML5 workshop)
      • Intro to HTML5 (for internal Hack Day Bazaar Summer 2010)
      • Hosted the Mobile Developer Summit 2010, gave a keynote, and gave a short talk on Blueprint (2010, internal)
      • "Designing for Mobile Multiplicity (and how Blueprint makes it easier)" (2009, internal)
  8. to - Frontend Engineer Intern for Yahoo! Shine
    • Created HTML/CSS wireframes of proposed three-column versions of the blogpost page for Yahoo! Shine.
    • Implemented the frontend interface for editors to use in scheduling featured blog posts. Implemented using YUI Calendar and some minimal JS validation. Used some PHP in retrieving variables passed from the database from the backend.
    • Created internal documentation to be read by editors, instructing them in the use of the Yahoo Polls Platform.
    • Started work on a web-based application for creating email newsletters. This involved heavy research into the CSS support of different email clients. The application was never utilized and thus never completed, but I used the opportunity to practice using object-oriented Javascript while using YUI.
    • In addition to these responsibilities, I was given the opportunity to attend a few weeks of Yahoo!s Juku Program for frontend training. I learned a lot during these weeks and also the weeks studying online materials.
    • Familiarized myself with command-line Linux, specifically RHEL and FreeBSD, both of which I learned how to use to access distributions of software from the Yahoo code repository.
  9. to - Web Developer (Contract work)
    • Worked on several websites, usually updating and adding content. In some cases required modifying the template of a CMS such as osCommerce.
  10. - - QA Game Tester
    • Tested Persona 3 FES for the Sony Playstation 2 prior to the game's release in the US.
    • Imported video and still pictures from Persona 3 FES for use on the Atlus website.
  11. to - QA Game Tester
    • Administered J2ME Java-based "profilers" that profiled various aspects of cell phone capabilities, such as memory, audio, and fonts. This information was used to develop games tailor-made to each phone.
    • Revised and rewrote technical documentation for operating the profilers.
    • Thoroughly tested games made (or ported) by the developers according to a testing plan.
  12. to - Helpdesk Technician
    • Assisted faculty, staff, and students diagnose and repair software and hardware issues on their computers (PC and Mac OSX).
    • Oversaw over the computer lab (helped patrons print documents, etc.).
  13. - - Web Programmer
    • Learned PHP/MySQL and implemented several projects: ULV Plant Database (relational database structure), Senior Project Database, ULV Recycling Database.
    • Helped design database structure for SmartTracker, ITC's internal equipment tracking system.

Talks and Articles


  1. Biola University (Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, 2006)
  2. La Serna High School (2002)


James Long: Former Frontend Engineer at Skybox (LinkedIn)

Phu Son Nguyen: Frontend Engineer at Yahoo! (LinkedIn)

Mark Marquez: Former QA Lead at Javaground, Inc (ask for email)

Cedric Tisserand: Former Manager of the Instructional Technology Center (ask for email)