Job History

  1. Senior Front End Engineer (full time, to Present)
    • Leading all frontend efforts at MethaneSAT, with React and TypeScript.
    • Responsible for meeting with internal and external stakeholders to determine product needs and direction.
  2. UI Consultant (full time, to )
    • As the frontend expert for the Partner Lifecycle Engineering (PLE) team, I maintained an in-house UI component library built on Material UI and added new features and maintained various React apps. Worked closely with QA to examine pains in testing React apps, and developed an ESLint plugin to help enforce new test-friendly code standards.
    • Technologies used: Node.js, React.js, Redux, RXJS, Material UI built with Webpack, Rollup, as well as backend tech such as Node.js and PostgreSQL.
  3. Web Developer (Remote Contractor) (part time, to )
    • Built a fullstack dashboard tool to ingest and organize technical content from Twitter and Pocket, to assist with a weekly newsletter. React.js and Node.js. Also helped with various short-term projects (Wordpress, etc).
  4. Software Engineer (full time, to )
    • After Terra Bella (Skybox Imaging) was acquired by Google in August 2014, I helped start the groundwork for new imaging satellite dashboards within the Google codebase and new coding standards.
  5. Frontend Web Developer (full time, to )

    On-Site (full time, August 2013 - August 2014)

    • Collaborated with a designer and end users to build an entire fullstack app to preview images in the image processing pipeline. Node.js, Redis, and

    Remote Contractor (part time, May 2012 - August 2013)

    • Created the Mission Operations Center dashboard used for monitoring live satellite telemetry, also developed several map-based apps.
  6. Mobile Frontend Web Developer (full time contractor) ( to )
    • Developed an entirely new and fast frontend for the CNET mobile, using Node.js as a backend.
  7. Community News writer (remote part time contractor) ( to )
    • Writer for a weekly and monthly column about the latest JavaScript community happenings.
  8. Frontend Engineer ( to , to )

    Frontend Engineer on the Yahoo! Tiger Team (full time, to )

    • Taught an internal HTML5/CSS3 training and took initiative to help restart an internal frontend conference.

    Frontend Engineer at Yahoo! Mobile (full time, to )

    • Developed on the Blueprint mobile platform, a cross-browser component library for "nonsmart" phones. Implemented new components and improved accessibility. Also created and hosted the Mobile Developer Summit conference.

    Frontend Engineer Intern for Yahoo! Shine (full time, to )

    • Developed an internal post scheduler feature for content writers and design explorations of a three-column blog post layout.

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James Long (coworker at Skybox), Joël Cheuoua (coworker at Netflix), Kalina Panayotova (coworker at Netflix).